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OLPC Afghanistan
به هر کودک یک لپ تاپ افغانستان
  به هر کودک یک لپ تاپ افغانستان
وبلاگ رسمی دری سازمان غیر منفعتی <<به هر کودک یک لپتاپ افغانستان>> One Laptop Per Child Afghanistan
جمعه 12 بهمن‌ماه سال 1386
خبرنامه او ال پی سی در مورد کارکرد محصلین افغانی
Localization: Dr. Habib Khan reports from Islamabad that Salman Minhas and Waqas Toor are progressing on Dari localization. Dari language support is completed in XO core, XO bundle, and Update.1; Etoys and Packaging are remaining. The strings in Pootle are now 100% translated in Dari language. Translation in Pashto is 88% completed. The XO core, Update.1, and Packaging are completed; Etoys and XO bundle strings that will follow next. Undaunted by a Pootle bug that was preventing them from committing strings in Pashto, Salman and Waqas continue to work together with Afghan volunteers and hope to accomplish the localization work in the near future.

A translation of an XO laptop user manual into the Dari and Pashto languages was completed this week by our Afghan volunteers Usman Mansoor “Ansari” and Sohaib Obaidi “Ebtihaj.” We appreciate their commitment and hard work. Next week, the OLPC Pakistan team will give it a trial with teachers from an Afghan local school in Islamabad. Their review and feed back will help them finalize the manual

منبع خبر را در اینجا ببینید.

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